Use Aquarium Plants to Create a Natural Environment

Have you any time noticed a natural pond without any plants? It never happens. So it is an arrangement by nature. While you keep fish at home in a pond, you should follow this natural arrangement. It will beautify your aquarium and at the same time it will provide help to keep the unwanted elements like algae under control. The aquarium water will also get a good supply of oxygen and the fish will get places to hide.

All the plants in your aquarium should have a base from which they can grow. So the type of gravel you put in your aquarium is very important. It should be low calcium gravel which is available at the pet shops. The layer should be at least ¾ inch in height so that the plants can depend on it as a base.

The composition of the gravel is also important. You should have some iron content in the gravel. For this, you can take some iron clays from your pet shop to mix it with your gravel. It can help the plants to grow well.

You have to see that the plants get proper supply of nutrients. Most of the nutrients will be available from the water but some will be available from the animal waste also.

The plants should also have enough light to sustain and grow. So your tank should be placed in such a way that it gets some sunlight. It should not be under direct sunlight all the time because then the sunlight may boil the water! But occasional sunlight is fine. You can provide some extra lighting arrangements which can help.

Once the plants have enough light, they will be able to take in the dissolved carbon dioxide from the water and they will release oxygen. The fish do exactly the opposite. So the plants and the fish can become perfect match in the aquarium.

While buying plants for your aquarium, you should inquire about the requirements of ph levels and temperature levels to maintain them. Their requirements should go close to the requirements of fish. If they match, it becomes a good combination. If you make a small on-line research, you will find a number of articles describing the requirements of plants in your aquarium. You can also consult the pet shop owner who will be able to guide you in this regard.

If you introduce plants with proper study and maintain them with a little care, you will find that the look of the aquarium is pleasant and at the same time it is providing an ideal habitat to your fish.