Natural Gas Generator - Your Economical and Environment Friendly Electrical Energy Source

A natural gas generator is more economical to use than petrol fueled generators. It is also environment friendly to operate because it minimizes the probability of polluting the immediate and surrounding area where it operates. Spills are not uncommon when using liquid fuels like gasoline. Some of it will splash out of the gas container while transporting the fuel or spill out of the fuel tank while the unit is being refueled. This spilled fuel can contaminate the surrounding area and can even be the cause of a fire when it touches on the hot surface of the generator.

Natural gas generators burn cleaner too, producing no fumes compared to a lot of toxic fumes produced by gasoline engines. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. It emits much lower levels of sulfur, nitrogen and greenhouse gasses. It is also more economical to use saving as much as 40% lower compared to diesel and gasoline engines. Coal is the only non renewable power source cheaper than gas to use, but coal produces a lot of pollutants and more dangerous to get as evidenced by all the coal mining accidents in the news.

Fuel supply is not a problem for most residential and business users of gas generators. Existing pipelines supply the needed fuel and you do not have to purchase and store extra fuel. Small generators can also use portable storage tanks and be able to use their portable natural gas generator in distant areas to generate electricity.

There are a lot of natural gas generators available depending on your needs and the purpose that it is going to be used. A generator that will be used to energize the entire house will be much bigger and have a much larger capacity than one that will be used to run a few appliances.

Bigger generators are usually stationary and mounted on a stable permanent base. The smaller machines are typically moveable where they are carried from one place to another. They usually have wheels for more portability. The wheels usually have locks to keep the units from moving and for more stability while being used.

A gas generator needs to be attached to a natural gas pipeline as its power source. It is better to get the services to a licensed plumber to get the right fittings on a portable gas generator and to permanently install the stationary model to ensure that everything is properly set up and avoid leaks and accidents.

It is predicted that more households are going to use a natural gas generator in the future. Natural gas still emits pollutants but in a much lower level compared to coal, diesel and gasoline. As the whole world is trying to minimize its dependence on electric power produced by coal and oil, natural gas is a better alternative in areas that it is readily available, to reduce power generation cost and to save the environment. The use of natural gas in cars, portable generators, and fixed home and office electricity generation units will continue to increase.