Georgia Forestry for Wildlife Partnerships Preserve the Environment

Since the advent of the green movement, several states have taken a renewed interested in protecting natural habitats and the indigenous plant and animal life that live in these areas. One of these states is Georgia, which encourages environmental conservation by promoting partnerships between the state's Department of Natural Resources and corporate forestland owners. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the goals of the wildlife partnerships are as follows:

Form a Strong Partnership with Corporations for Environmental Purposes

Since the industrial age, corporations have been recognized as significant contributors to environmental decline. Today, opportunities exist for corporate forestland owners to combat this identity. By forming a Forestry for Wildlife Partnership with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, corporations can help conserve environmental resources and develop a reputation for being eco friendly.

Enhance Wildlife Conservation on Corporate Forestlands

Corporate forestland is often equated with the destruction of wildlife, but technologies and business methods that allow corporations to profit from forest ownership while conserving wildlife are now available. By conserving wildlife, corporate forestland owners help preserve the value of their land for hunting, wildlife viewing, hiking, and other recreational pursuits.

Provide Wildlife Technical Assistance, Training, and Outreach

Through a partnership with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, corporate forestland owners help restore and maintain areas of forest that have been jeopardized by forest agricultural practices. With the Department of Natural Resources serving as a guide, corporations contribute to conservation by facilitating technical assistance, training, and outreach for forestry projects. By facilitating these resources, corporations empower other organizations to participate in natural conservation.

Offer Partners Public Recognition for Conservation Achievements

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources recognizes corporate forestland owners for their conservation achievements. Today, most consumers and businesses prefer to support corporations that exhibit environmental awareness. Corporations who receive recognition from the Department of Natural Resources can use the recognition as an indirect method for improving public relations and business relations.

Increase Opportunities for Wildlife Associated Recreation

Increasing opportunities for wildlife associated recreation helps increase the value of conserving forestland. Wildlife associated recreation consists of consumptive recreation such as hunting, and non-consumptive recreation such as wildlife observation. In addition to increasing the value of preserving forestland, increasing the opportunities for wildlife-associated recreation can potentially increase the revenue that corporations earn from forestland.


Landowners own ninety-three percent of Georgia's landscape, and corporations own some of the largest plots of forestland. Forestland is traditionally considered a better investment for corporations than it is for individuals for the following reasons:

  • Corporations have an easier time facilitating large transactions
  • Forestland should ideally be owned long-term
  • Corporations are less affected by a temporary decline in log prices

Because corporations are the primary investors in large expanses of forestland, state and federal conservation programs have targeted them as potential partners in such programs. In Georgia, partnerships between corporate forestland owners and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources are an example of how these programs are benefiting the environment, and the companies that participate in the programs.