Environmental Issues Articles: What's Their Focus?

Environmental issues articles can be write-ups about the different environmental problems the world is facing today. Environmental problems connote something negative about the human activity on its biophysical environment. There are environmental and social movements around the world that address these problems through activism, education, and advocacy.

Environmental issues articles are concerned about climate change, environmental degradation, pollution, resource depletion, and the likes. Through science and the application of the scientific method, more and more individuals have an increased level of understanding about Mother Earth. A multi-disciplinary academic study known as environmental science is now being researched and taught in various universities around the globe. This study serves as basis in dealing with issues on the environment.

Environmental issues articles are mostly reports made from the collection of large amounts of data and are mostly issued at the international, national, and regional levels government and non-government organizations. The United Nations Environment Program which was set up in 1972 is the largest international agency that addresses these types of issues.

Addressing environmental problems through articles aim for sustainability in reducing or preventing the negative effects on our environment. Most of these articles encourage organizations and individuals to act collectively in order for humans to use the Earth's resources within the sustainable limits.

Articles regarding these issues can be about climate change: global warming, fossil fuels, greenhouse gas, and shutdown of thermohaline circulation, global dimming, sea level rise, and ocean acidification. Global warming issues typically centers on the continuous rise of the normal temperature of the Earth's oceans and atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels are also common issues in articles concerning the environment.

Some articles about environmental issues also focus on conservation. Typical points of discussion include species extinction, coral bleaching, invasive species, endangered species, pollinator decline, Holocene extinction, and poaching. Conservation's primary focus is to maintain the overall health of the natural world that includes biological diversity, habitats, and fisheries.

Pollution is also a common issue that is discussed in write-ups. Most articles talk about light pollution, visual pollution, point source pollution, noise pollution, and non-point source pollution. Air and water pollution are also very common topics of articles on our environment.

The biophysical environment which consists of the built environment and the natural environment must interact symbiotically in order to maintain sustainability. Without this symbiosis which the environmental issues articles tend to focus on, the degradation of the Earth will continue and the human race will perish.