Writing original content is a whole lot easier when you use the environment to inspire new ideas.

The best way to become a true expert in any field is to experience the activity first-hand and embrace its natural environment. This concept applies to article writing and marketing just as much as it does to any other activity.

Take advantage of those moments you spend experiencing your niche. In those moments, be inquisitive and ask questions. Bring a childlike curiosity and enthusiasm for discovery into these experiences and write down any questions you have. Each question you ask can be answered by one or more new article titles. Once you come up with the new titles, you’ll have concepts for your next set of original articles.

In this video, discover the power of surrounding yourself with your niche for inspiration. Each Expert Author in the video spends time in their niche environment and asks questions about the details they observe. They are solidifying their expertise in their niche and getting new article ideas!